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Business - October 27, 2020

Virtual Machine And Why You Should Have One

A virtual machine is a software that helps you , to run an entire operating system within an application in your desktop. Another definition of a virtual machine is an efficient isolated duplicate of a real computer machine. By doing this a programmer is able to host multiple systems in a secure, safe and an isolated environment.

To run a virtual machine in your computer , you will need a minimum of 8GB memory. One importance of using virtual machine is that they remove the need for dual-booting. If you don’t understand what is dual-booting , basically it is a having two or more physical operating system(for example having linux and windows on the same system).

Hypervisor for Virtual machines

This is an app that will allow you to install a separate operating system , creating a virtual computer system with itself , with complete access to the internet.

With the hypervisor, you are able to run a number of different operating systems. Examples of hypervisors are a virtual box for windows and Linux QEMU for android).

virtual machine
virtual machine

Having a virtual machine set-up offers many advantages to programmers , one of them being cross-platform code. Cross-platform code means you write a source code in windows , you can open the VM and run the source code you wrote on windows on linux. The use of virtual machines help reduce the uncertainities that are inherent to having multiples versions of programming languages, libraries ,IDEs and modules installed in place to support projects for programmers.

Code stability , what I mean by code stability is that when you’re writing a program that may hurt your main operating system. You can choose to run the program in the virtual machine , to prevent any damage to your main operating system.

Why use virtual machines

One importance of using a virtual machine is that coding in Linux is easier than coding on windows os, as some version of Linux comes installed with development tools. Actually, virtualization of an operating system is one way in which successful and professional programmers and programmers work.

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