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Business - October 2, 2020

Confidence For Self Improvement

Do you what to gain more confidence? If yes then I think this is the best article for you to read. After you have read this article I will be expecting to hear from you guys in the comment section.

Let get to know the meaning of being confident first.Confidence is not the absence of fear in a person but it is the belief that you will be okay despite of your fears and worries.


improve yourself through confidence

In other words confident people have not done away with fear they have change how they deal with fear.To them they see fear and uncertainity as uncomfortable rather than dangerous. One of the good implication of this article is that every can learn how to become real confident in life.

The secret to becoming more confident in life is to build better habits.I have listed and explained the habit of more confident people that could help you become more confident below.

  1. Fear Acceptance

To become more confident you have to accept fear rather than run away from it. If you have ever stayed wuth confident people you will realise that they don’t lack fear instead they have a healthier relationship with it. The mistake that most people trying to become confident make is avoiding fear or try to eliminate it. One thing you should know that sometimes eliminating fear is impossible , you brain developed fear as threat detection system to keep you safe and alive.


Many don’t like to hear this but this whole fear system is there for a good reason , it help by keeping us away from genuine threat.

Fear Is Useful

When your fear system is activated ,your body releases adrelanine which is a powerful perfomance enhancer ,both physically and mentally.

Everything ranging from your attention and memory to your reaction time improves with a little adrelanine.

Avoiding fear can create anxienty

When you try to eliminate or run away from fear you teach your brain how to be afraid of fear itself.At the end this makes you more chronically anxious.

One thing about confident people is that they don’t eliminate fear they embrace it.If you cultivate the willigness to accept your fear and get on on life despite being anxious you send a important message to your brain.

2.Communicating assertively

Most confident people commuincate their own needs honestlly and respictively , there is no better thing than being honest with yourself.

Confident prioritise their needs first as they understand that everyone is equal.They act accordingly:

  • They ask for what they need clearly.
  • They respect other people right to say Yes or No.
  • They No to what they don’t like and are willing to build boundaries.

They reason why confident people ay No to the things they don’t like is because,confidence comes with doing the right thing even if it feels difficult at that moment.

If you what to be more confident you also need to be asertive:

  • Ask for what you want clearly.
  • Say no to what you don’t want.
  • Set and enforce healthy boundaries.

If you will respect yourself and become more assertivve then you are becoming confident.Remember ,assertiveness is not about building a good disguise.It about developing the courage to take the disguise off.

3.Make decisions based on value rather than feelings

Confident people build trust in themselves by prioritizing value over feelings.The most secretive ingredient of becoming more confident is trust .Talking about trust I mean doing the right thing no matter what feelings you have. Confidence comes from trusting yourself to act in your values instead of feelings.

I suggest that if you want to become confident ,you choose value over feelings.The following practices can help you improve:

  • Do an extra two minutes on the treadmill.
  • Take out trash even though technically it not your job.

Confident people know that you can become your own hero by in life by sticking to your values even when they conflict with your feelings.

4.Embrace Self-Compassion after mistakes.

Confidence is less about what you do and more about what you don’t do.The confident understand that it simply unhelpful to beat yourself up when you’re arleady down.I t doesn’t make any sense and should be avoide at all cost.

When they make mistake s self confident peo[le treat themselves the same way they would treat a friend with compasion.

Hope you found this article helpful ,go ahead and boost your confidence with these tips, remember to share with your friends.