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Business - September 28, 2020

Getting More Focus

Do want to become more focused? Then this is the right article for you to read. Being focused helps you increase productivity in your field of work. The reason why most of us don’t focus is having anxiety.

Tips for becoming more focussed


Anxiety too can be a very powerful tool. Anxiety appears when your mind, body and soul are in a state of imbalance; it’s your spirit’s way of speaking to you and helping you on your life purpose and mission. Anxiety on a spiritual level has the power to transform your life. What you perceive as your greatest weakness is in fact teaching you how to be the best version of yourself.

Understanding that you are a soul with a physical body reminds you that anxiety is your spiritual compass and messenger. In this post I have listed and explained some lessons your spirit may guide you to.

Being present

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Anxiety does not exist in the present moment. It only shows up in your life when you find your thoughts and emotions caught up in the future. In the present, you will always feel a deeper sense of calm and gratitude. Living in the present isn’t always easy. It’s about turning down the noise of the world around you and taking good notice of the thoughts and actions that move you away from being present.

Goals take time and patience to happen. While it’s important to set goals and plan for the future, it’s equally important to understand that a small step today will help turn those goals into reality. Procrastination or worry and feeling unhappy with yourself for where you are will only open up more feelings of anxiety and unease. When you live too much in the future, you can miss the wonderful opportunities that you are creating for yourself and your loved ones in the here and now.

Our values of living

Our value system is our soul’s blueprint. Your purpose in this life is to be the greatest version of yourself and to follow your soul’s calling. To achieve this, it’s important to understand what truly matters to you by identifying your core values.

These are the non-negotiable characteristics that best describe who you are. Take some time to reflect on what truly matters to you. Spend some time journaling and list 10 things you absolutely love to do by starting each sentence with, “I love to …”

Believe by saying “Yes” to yourself

Nothing wrong in choosing to say “yes” to yourself, your life and your goals. Deciding to make your happiness a priority in your life is a good thing and not something you should ever feel guilty about.

While you want to be a loving parent, supportive friend and all-round good person, this should not come at the detriment of your own self-love and worth. Putting the needs of others before your own can leave you feeling resentful of the people around you and take a toll on your relationships. Starting today, regather your mind, body and spirit.

Give yourself To the universe

Spiritually speaking, when you surrender to the universe, you open yourself up to new and exciting opportunities. When you truly let go of all outcomes, it becomes liberating and life-changing. You will invite new pursuits like love, money and relationships to enter into your consciousness freely and without force. Remember, the universe has the power to manifest greatness, so allow it to send the good you deserve your way.

Find the blessings

Even in your darkest moments, you will always find a silver lining and a hidden blessing. Just look a little closer.

Over the coming days, sit with your thoughts and write in a journal. Think of a time that was challenging and invite yourself to see the hidden blessings in this event or situation.

Decision making

The anxious mind knows all too well the worry, frustration and confusion that comes with making a decision. Procrastination is the fuel to the fire of anxiety. It feeds off your insecurities and the ego, making you feel vulnerable, critical and indecisive. That’s why anxiety is always so prevalent when you seem to be at a crossroads, afraid to move forward from fear of making the wrong decision.


When the body is under stress this can affect your thoughts and your nervous system, and cause physical health problems. If you look at anxiety as a messenger, you can use the opportunity to re-evaluate your current situation and make the necessary changes towards a more healthy and self-caring lifestyle. Taking time out to rest the mind and body is what I call “soul medicine”.