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Business - September 22, 2020

Top 5 Secret Android Test Codes

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In every android device there are hidden there is a collection of hidden test menus that allows user to check all sort of configurations and background running activity. Actually you don’t need any special apps or additional software to access these menus.

Android Test codes

What you need to know is just the codes to enter in your phone dial pad. Let start exploring at these codes right now:

  1. On you phone click the dial pad and type ##4636## . On finishing typing the last * a test men will appear on your screen. This particular test menu contains the following section;
    Phone information
    Usage statistics
    Wifi information
    Tap on any of these for more detailed information.
  2. You can expand and gain more access to a lot of general information in your phone by going to the information menu. Running a png test is also possible a png test enables you to check the speed of connection to your current phone mast.

Caution:Beaware when running test and changing configurations.

  1. For phones with a removable battery you can find a very detailed information about the battery in the battery info screen. This section also displays the remaining battery charge ,reveals the health of your battery , giving you options on deciding wether buying or replacing your battery could be worth it.

Below follows ,ore android useful codes:
For camera information try out this one → ##34971539##
LCD test code → ##0##*
Service Test Mode → ## 197328640##
Phone’s RAM details → ##3262##
Touch screen test → ##2664 ##
Phone IMEI number → *#06#