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Business - September 21, 2020

6 Reasons You Should Control How You Use Social Media

Social media is help but without good control can ruin our lives.

Thanks to technology, we are more connected than ever, but how much connection is too much? studies suggest that heavy social media use can increase anxiety, loneliness and depression, and can cause inadequate feelings about our lives or appearances. Here are some timely reminders about social media to assist our mental wellbeing and beat our virtual addictions.

Why you should quit social media

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  • Make it perspective The internet is a place where we can be anything we want to be. We can be an e-commerce entrepreneur one day, and a motivational speaker the next. We curate social media feeds to show what we want, and hide what we don’t want others to see. But the same is true for everyone else. Just think; when did you last see an untidy room or a blemished face online? Take everything you see with a grain of salt.
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  • Fame Influencers look like they have it all, but behind the scenes are the staged photo shoots, bought followers, and inauthentic paid-for product reviews. Follow those who you perceive to have integrity and authenticity, bypassing the smoke and mirrors. There are some amazing thought leaders and inspiring movements out there waiting for you.
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  • Your decision Post a picture on social media on a whim, completely unfiltered and non-curated, and feel the freedom you rebel! Your social media feed is for you, not for your internet acquaintances. You also don’t need to let everyone in; it’s OK to keep your profile private for your nearest and dearest only.
How to gain more on social media
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  • Value It’s ok to go off the grid and delete your accounts entirely. If you have FOMO, was mindlessly scrolling your cousin’s auntie’s neighbour’s dog’s Instagram feed or watching a celebrity vacuum their house with the latest gadget worth it? We think you know the answer already.
  • Life is more meaningful without a series of online exchanges Avoid your phone first thing in the morning and before you go to bed. Mute those work emails, and don’t feel the need to instantly reply to texts. The world can wait; nothing will happen. Boundaries are a form of self-respect and care.