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Culture - September 20, 2020

Amazing Countryside life

Countryside life can bring big views and star-filled skies, tranquillity, a pub within walking distance, community spirit, and occasional knees-up in the village hall and a beamed cottage in which to live. This lifestyle comes with definite physical and mental health benefits.


Keep in mind that being close to nature play a very big role in moulding to the people we will be.

Most of the activities we do in the cities. Are expensive compared to those in the countryside?

Countryside life

The best thing you can get in the countryside(Kenyans call it ushagoo) for free:



It’s possible to pay a small fortune for a punnet of blackberries and a bag of oranges from Market, but in the country-side, they are up for grabs. Depending on the season, you can take your pick of Nature’s bounty—sloes, wild garlic, chestnuts, and crab apples all offer the flavor of the countryside.


In cities and towns, you usually have to pay for the pleasure of a few lengths in a heavily chlorinated pool, but in the country, the bracing waters of lakes, rivers, and beaches offer a far more wholesome experience.

For those living in a town near oceans and public beaches, it also an added advantage, but most of the public beaches though free might be very contaminated.


Cow parsley and daffodils might not combine the scent and sophistication of roses and peonies, but they have a capacity to evoke the pleasures of our ever-changing seasons. Better still, rather than costing $20 a bunch, they are free to anyone with a pair.


The sedentary lives of city dwellers can lead them to spend hours (and significant amounts of money) in the gym pumping iron and strutting their stuff in front of a Spandex-swathed fitness instructor. The reason that gyms are as rare as almond milk in the country is because by the time you’ve walked the dog, fed the chickens, dug over some rose beds, negotiated a few stiles, stacked some logs and walked to the village shop a few times, you’ll be far too exhausted for anything quite as grim as the gym.


It can cost $5 an hour to leave your car in the West End (that’s after you’ve forked out for the pleasures of the expanded congestion charge), but in the country you can generally park wherever you like as long as it doesn’t get in anyone’s way. Be aware, however, that, in rural areas, unfamiliar cars are generally put under surveillance of the local Neighbourhood Watch, who will assume you are a fly-tipper. Or worse.

Christmas Greenery

Have you ever wondered why your country cousins have houses that look and smell so wonderful at Christmas? Well, it’s nothing to do with the fact that they invested in some help from the local florist (whose services tend to be seen as an indulgence in the country) or industrial quantities of Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt candles. No, it’s because they’ve raided the hedgerows for armfuls of holly and ivy and decked the halls as if their lives depended on it.


countryside life
countryside carrots