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Technology - September 20, 2020

Why Is My Phone Signal Weak

Have you ever tried surfing on the internet or calling a friend but your signal keep weakening?Have you ever wondered why such kind of thing keep happening? Well our phones signal is mainly weakened but the physical features in our surroundings.

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Boost your phone signal

When you know what kind and understand the types of things that can affect the strength of your signal, you will be in a better position to make sure all your calls go through.


Making a call your phone needs to be able to send and receive signals to a service provider tower. When you start moving at a high speed (for example in a car t), the constant change in position will start causing signal problems. But, if you are standing and moving slowly, there is no problem.


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Inside buildings the signal is affected at optimal levels. The commonly materials used for building like bricks and timber can affect how a signal travels, they act as barrier’s to signals. Although these materials block the signal, diffraction enables the signal to travel beyond the buildings. If you are experiencing signal difficulties in your room, it worth it to invest in a signal booster. Signal booster is a simple device that receives the signal inside a building and passes a cable to an external antenna.

Change in weather

The type of weather you’re experiencing in your surrounding affect how much the signal travels. Practically, cloudy weather can cause signal problems due to things like changes in radio waves propagation and signal reflection. On the other side heavy rain can really get in the way of radio waves and even light rain will have some effect.

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Generally ,water in any form will reduce how far waves can travel in a certain frequency used in a mobile phone. Water vapour absorbs the energy from the radio waves, converting it into heat, removing it strength.


Radio waves, actually travel in straight lines from your phone to the nearest visible cell tower. Object that can get in the way can lead to loss of the signal. If you live in a valley and the nearest towers are out of the valley, actually your are in a deadzone.


The more powerful a transmitter , the further the radio waves will travel but there is a limit on how a powerful smartphone radio can be. For example, in a city distance is rarely a problem but in the country side or rural areas this is probably going to be the biggest factor the quality of a mobile signal.