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Education - Engineering - Science - Technology - September 17, 2020

What Does Civil And Environmental Engineering deal with

civil and environmental engineering
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Civil and environmental engineering is a discipline corcerned with the built environment.

With the ,ever increasing human population, rapid industrialization and changing life style have caused degradation of the environment. Every component of the environment is polluted, threatening the life support system. Global efforts are underway to prevent or reduce environmental degradation and to protect biodiversity.

What is a civil and environmental engineering

The American Society of Civil Engineers defines it as the profession in which knowledge of the mathematical and physical sciences gained by study, experience, and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize economically the materials and forces of nature for the progressive well-being of man.

Having looked at the definition of civil and environmental engineering let us now start exploring on what they do.
What is the role of Civil and Environmental engineers in the society?
Urban planning -A good planning of towns and extension areas in the cities is required. Each extension area should be self-sufficient in accommodating offices, educational institutions, markets, hospitals, recreational facility, and residential accommodations. The fast rate of urbanization and an increase in the cost of land has forced civil engineers to go for vertical growth in cities. In metropolitan cities, 25 story buildings have become common. Even in small towns, multi-story buildings have become necessity. These requirements have brought in new building technologies and sophisticated analysis methods. Civil Engineers have to solve the problems of rural areas and poor people also. Low-cost housing is the need of the day to make poor people afford their own houses.
Water supply -Water is an important need for all living beings. Civil engineers have to exploit various water resources and ensure water supply to urban areas throughout the year. Rural areas need water for agriculture also. Hence civil engineers have to build dams and tanks and bring water to houses through pipes, and to fields through canals and distributaries.
Road design -Another important amenity that the public requires is good roads. Design of appropriate base course thickness, finishing surfaces, cross drainage, design of horizontal and vertical curves are the duties of civil engineers. Proper design of the intersection of roads is necessary. Construction of culverts, bridges, and tunnels became part of road works. The railway is an important long-distance facility. Construction of railway lines and railway station is an important infrastructure activity. Globalization has resulted in the need for building airports and harbors also.
Other important infrastructural activities of civil and environmental engineering are controlling air pollution, noise pollution and land pollution.