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Healthy living - September 17, 2020

Top Exercise For A Healthy Body

The creator of the tone and sculpt app has always focussed on making her workouts home-friendly.

The best health program for a health body

A good program needs cardio and resistance for strength, stamina, and overall physical and mental health. Because of the total body focus, you can perform this workout up to four times a week. When combined with a nutritious diet, it compliments different fitness goals, from weight loss to achieve more definition. Below are the best exercises you can do:

body exercise

Target the whole body while doing the skipping.Do 4mins at the beginning and at the end of your workout.I know you how to skip but this a refresher on good technique.Take small jumps on the balls of your feet and maintain a consistent pace so you don’t need to pause during the exercise.Jump low to the ground ,knees soft and stay light on your feet to maximise impact.This move can be perfomed with or without skipping – it this move which is more important.
2.Kneeling press up

body exercise

In this case target the chest, core and triceps.Start in a press up position with your hands underneath your shoulders.Drop down on to your knees, keep them hip-width apart.Your feet can stay in the ground or you can cross them in the air-they shouldn’t not move much during the exercise.

Exhale and bend your elbows as you lower your chest to a couple of inches above the floor, keeping your elbows close to your sides.Go as low as possible to access your full range motion.Inhale as you push your palms into the floor and extends your arms to come back up.If you can come up off your knees for a few reps, but be sure to keep your body in a straight line from head to heels.

3.Star Jump Floor Touch

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Begin in a relaxed stanced with your feet shoulder width apart, then squat down halfway and touch the floor with your right hand extending your left arm to the side.
Explode back up as high as possible fully extending both arms and legs in a star shape as you jump.Land with soft knees .That one rep.Repeat alternating hands each time.

4.Alternating Step-Up


Stand tall and engage your core .Step up on to a chair or step with your right leg.Try to step up in a straight line keep your head,neck and core in line, as opposed to shifting your weight too forward.

Squeeze your bum at the top of your step.Return to the ground and continue repeating on alternating side.

5.Bicycle crunch


Lie on your back .Take a deep breath in as you exhale draw your belly button to the spine , tilting the pelvis slightly so your lower your back is pressing on the mat – try to keep your engaged like this throughtout.Try to place your hands either side of your head ,elbows parallel with your shoulders.Lift your legs up into tabletop position, toes pointed.

  1. Take your elbow towards your left knee and let your head rotate to look left too.At the same time, extend your right leg out straight.Continue alternating sides,inhaling as you return to the centre and exhaling as you move into the crunch.
    6.plank it
    In a plank position on your forearms brace your core and make sure your neck is inline with your head and shoulders.Ensure your elbows are directly under your shoulder and retract your shoulders by imagining ‘rolling’ your shoulder blades into your back pocket.

Keeping your core tight and your upper body as still as possible, twist your right as if you’re trying to touch the floor.Twist back to the centre and repeat on the other side.