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Engineering - Healthy living - Life Style - Science - Technology - Travel - September 17, 2020

Tips For Making Your Home Environment Clean

Welcome to my blog and today I will be touching on issues on civil and environmental engineering.We will see how environmental engineers are helping to create a clean environment. If you have any questions or you like to add something feel do so in the comment section.
Planning for proper sanitation includes consideration for lighting, ventilation and cleanliness taken together.

Keeping the environment

According scientific research ,people spend up to 87% of their time in the apartments and 6% in vehicles.Staying indoors for a long time comes with negative effect on health,as air inside buildings and houses at times may be polluted.Technical engineering makes it possible to design a building hospitable to human beings without compromising their health and well being.
This is achieved through increasing the ventilation and filtration of indoor spaces.Designing a air filtration system that replaces inside house and buildings with outdoor air at a faster pace is imperative, as it is a way to filter air effectively and remove dangerous contaminants.
Lightning Facilities.

Proper lighting in various rooms of the building needs to be planned, which depends on the aspect. Natural light in the form of sunlight not only helps in economising the cost, but also helps in destroying various germs. The minimum size of the window required in dry and humid climatic regions vary, being 1/10th of the floor area, respectively. Vertical windows help in better light inception. Light and soft shades for ceilings and walls of passages and rooms help in better reflection, hence improved lighting.

Sanitary facilities and cleanliness
Proper sanitary facilities, bathrooms, drainage and water proof tiles etc., should be provided along with precision for regular cleaning. Requirements of water for different urinals and bathrooms should be carefully followed. Manholes, rain water pipes, water supply, ventilation pipe etc., should be carefully planned and leakages on wall must be prevented.

Improving ventilation design.

Ventilation reduces exposure to airborne contaminant that can cause effect on health.The easiest way to achieve good airflows is simply by opening doors and windows ,the excange of air that will prevent indoor air from getting stagnat.

To do this efeciently open the front and the back doors and windows to create an airflow allowing it to occur effectively.When a living space is aired regularly ,the air smells fresher and smarter.Therefore, a home or building design that has plenty of windows and doors can easily help achieve good ventilation. Installing and running fans to enhance the circulation of air is also vital. Exhaust fans will pull out unwanted odours and excess moisture in the air. An enclosed toilet must be fitted with its own exhaust fan. Fans that are approved for installation and use in wet areas must also be part of the design of a bathroom. Ideally, fans should have a timer or other means of control to ensure that ventilation continues for at least 20 minutes after each use.

Lastly if a building has an attic or a penthouse, its design must include an exhaust vent to improve air circulation and flow

Change Of Air Filters
Although it is easier to design a new structure and fit an efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in place, it is also possible to add on existing systems to keep people healthy. Air filtration has an important purpose: to prevent dust, hair and other unwanted contaminants from being recirculated inside the home.

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