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Healthy living - Science - Technology - September 17, 2020

How To Make Home Made Soap

Hello ,welcome to my blog today I will teach a simple skill on how to make home-made soap.
In , this modern world more and more are looking for natural solutions to some of the products they are using ,especially when it comes to their bodies.

Just as doctors are promoting a healthier lifestyle by choosing natural foods to put in your body ,others are becoming more aware of things they are using outside their bodies.

Beside being inexpensive ,homemade soaps are chemical free ,made from pure ingredients and you have the satisfication of knowing what things have gone into your homemade soap.

There are basically different types of methods that are used to make soaps and they each have their own techniques as well as their own level of difficulties.The melt and pour process is a very great method for beginners and very easy to learn.

You essential oil or fragments to your mixture as well as some colouring and you’re done.I think this is also a great way to introduce children and teens to the joy of soap making.It easy and they will garner instant sastification from the effort they have put into doing it.

Cold process involves using sodium hydroxide and water.Added to it are fat and oils along with a range of different additives ,all natural.Aloe vera is popular as coconut oil ,fruits ,vegetablesas well as a number of natural herbs.

Hot process of soap making simply involves use of heat inorder to burn off excess liquid.This is not usually the first choice that beginner soap makes choose to start with ,but as the beginner continues to expand his confidence in their soap making skills ,it often becomes one of their favourite method.

Soap bases
Soap bases are simply something you buy in bulk at a shop or a supplier.They will be used as the base of the soap you are going to make.
If you are making glycerin soaps ,you start with a chunk of glycerin of your soap then proceed to add other ingredients.

Essential oils are basically essences that are highly concentrated and extracted from numerous plants.
When choosing ingredients consideration should be put in place ,because not all essential oils are beneficial and therefore you must carefully determine the safety of the oil you are using.

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