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Opinion - September 17, 2020

The Top 12 Best Characters Of People

characters of people
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Characters of people in the world appears due to various factors we experience on the universe. The world we live in is complicated and leaves us displaying many characters people of in our life. In this blog post we will be talking about these characters

Characters of people

Characters Of People

The dreamer

The overall goal of a dreamer is to be happy, and often fear doing something bad. Dreamers have the following gifts faith,optimism,open-mindness, hype and trust.Actually they want to be free happy and loved.This is the golden age where the individual is happy trusting and the world is a safe good place. The Innocent is not critical of the group they join as long as they feel liked. But in wanting to fit in they must decide which qualities to sacrifice to do this.let proceed with more characters of people in the world.

The Everyman

Their goal is to belong and regain their life. The everyman fear standing out,being left out,being exploited and feeling excluded. Gifted in realism ,honesty ,pragmatism ,resilience ability to band with others to regenerate.They avoid situations that are going to hurt them, but they need to learn to regenerate by connecting with others.

In doing this they gain a strong sense of self within the community and this strength give rise to the hero archetype.

The Hero

Winning is the main goal for heros. Have fear in weakness and vulnerability. Gifted with courage ,discipline ,determination and skillful. The Warrior has courage and discipline to set goals, achieve and fight for themselves. Once a positive strong expression of Warrior has emerged the individual has the sense of self to care for others and becomes the Caregiver.These are on of my best characters of people in the world.

The Saint

The saint goal is to help other people. Once the individual has the discipline and drive to fight for themselves, they can learn to act with meaning, fight for others and put others and the greater good before themselves.

The Seeker

Their goal is to experience and explore all life has to offer. They fear conformity ,emptiness and being trapped. Gifted in autonomy, ambition, expansion and identity.

The person has attained a sense of self but is searching for more and must leap into the unknown and brave loneliness to seek new paths, often finding themselves in the process. They may assume that enlightenment is about becoming better, resulting in going from one self-improvement course to another but never committing enough to accomplish anything. We can also call them the explorers.

The Rebel

Their goal is to overturn what isn’t working. Gifted in humility, metamorphosis and revolution. The Destroyer embodies rage about structures that no longer serve their life and wants to strip these away to make way for the new. This can be painful and result in the destruction of self and others. If the Rebel can process the pain and release it, they can embrace love again.

The Lover

Their goal is to bliss in relationships,work or the surroundings that they love. The fear being unloved or unwanted. Gifted in passion, commitment, enthusiasm, gratitude and intimacy.

Once the Destroyer has transformed themselves, they can find their true love and passion and commit to this. This may be a passion for another person or for any aspect of life. This gives birth to the true self.

The Creator

Their goal is identity, to realise a vision and creating things of enduring value. Usually, gifted in creativity, imagination, vision, individuality,skills and vocation.

Obsessiveness and workaholism. From the passion of the Lover the archetype of the Creator can emerge to express true potential and find true identity in relation to the outside world.

The Ruler

Their goal is to order, have prosperous family or community. Fear chaos or being overthrown.

Gifted in responsibility, control and leadership. Over-controlling behaviour, rigidity, authoritarianism, entitlement. Now the Creator has aligned us with our true self we can lead from a place of responsibility and strength.

The Magician

Their goal is to make transformations and dreams come true. Their gifts is being personal, transformative power and finding win-win. With the power of the ruler our Magician is activated, and we know how to heal ourselves and others and make dreams reality. Here our world can blossom.

The Sage

Their goal is to find the truth and fear deception. Gifted in wisdom ,non-attachment, knowledge ,scepticism.

Dogmatism, needing to be right. Despite making dreams a reality the person still longs for ultimate truth and deepens their search. This archetype can bring great wisdom and intelligence.

The Jester

Their goal is to have joy and fun. Gifted in freedom, humour, being present and joy. Now the Sage has learned nonattachment and wisdom the person is free to live in the moment with full joy. They can lighten others’ lives, have fun, play and make jokes.

When you see the world through archetypes you can see when others are acting out these roles. This can help to depersonalise their negative behaviours and games. Read more on characters of people here my personality.

I hope your learned something new share with your friends too.You can also read more here